I am very fortunate to have found such a great Homeopathic doctor in the Bay Area. Dr. Prabha is compassionate, knowledgeable, easily accessible and such a great listener. She pays close attention to details and she knows how to tune in to her patients. My 6 year old daughter and me can't thank her enough for getting us on the road to good health for the past 6 years and counting. We appreciate your availability and obvious devotion to your patients and your profession.
- Carol, Sunnyvale, CA

A healer is someone who is interested in patient's well-being, accessible when needed the most, puts positive energy into the body/mind of the patient, and courteous. And, you have all those and more in Prabha who made the difference in my life when everything looked complicated for my condition. And, she made it look simple for bringing that positive change and looked at the root-cause rather than the symptom-cure. I would encourage anyone wanting for a better care please talk to Prabha.
- Rama K

Prabha has been our family physician for 5 years now ever since we went to her for my daughter's eczema. My daughter is cured completely now. I am ever thankful to Prabha for helping me in curing my severe arthritis when the allopathic doctors had told me to live with severe pain or take pain killers for life. With Prabha's treatment 80% of my arthritis was cured and with daily practice of Pranayam, I am now completely cured. Apart from being a very knowledgeable and an experienced homeopathic doctor, Prabha is very gentle with the patients, makes the patient feel comfortable to tell more about his/her condition, sets the correct expectation and is always available on phone for any clarifications after visit.
Prabha is a doctor in the true sense. During our one year stay in India, we still felt comfortable only with Prabha even though India has homeopathic doctors in every nook and corner. Our children visit their physicians only for regular checkups. Everything else is taken care by Prabha. Prabha picked up our calls and gave us medicines even when she has just delivered her second baby. That really showed her commitment as a doctor. I highly recommend Prabha to anyone with a belief in homeopathy.
- Shoba, Cupertino, CA

We have been consulting with Prabha for the past 4 years and the experience has been nothing short of outstanding. She has such a friendly approach and is very knowledgable in her field and in many other areas. She takes the time to perform a full evaluation of the problem and does not jump into conclusions. We have received great treatment for many issues including shoulder problems (too much time on keyboard), allergies, fevers, body pains etc. It is easy to consult with her through any means - phone, email, or personal visit. She has such a good memory of what she has prescribed earlier and what worked that it takes the stress out from the patients. In addition, she has extended the consultation to other family members who were either in a different city or different country. The level of satisfaction from these folks has been great, and it speaks volumes about Prabha's commitment to her profession. She never puts any restriction on her patients and allows them to continue their activities in a status quo. We will happily refer her to our family and friends anytime.
- Priya, Sunnyvale, CA

Just wanted to thank you for all your guidance. I really like the way you work with patients and take the time to really listen to their actual problems. Your knowledge of homeopathy has really helped me and I have been advising all my friends and family to come to you for any of their health problems. You really know your stuff. Thanks again!
- Tariq, Fremont, CA

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