Homeopathic consultation:

Initial consultation lasts for one to one & half hour.  During this initial visit, a detailed case history of the client will be documented. This includes their chief complaints, the emotional & physical aspects pertaining to the person.  The objective is to understand each person and put together their totality of symptoms to determine the remedy.

What can be expected from this treatment:

For acute ailments, one should usually see results immediately with marked progress within 24-48 hours. The patient is expected to be in contact with the homeopath during this period.

For chronic ailments the patient is treated constitutionally and follow-ups are generally needed at pre-determined regular intervals. Follow-ups are very important to evaluate the progress and administer the remedies and also adjustment of their potencies. Homeopathic remedies act on the entire body, so changes will often be experienced on all levels of being; mental, emotional and physical. Once a patient is treated constitutionally for about a six month period, major changes can be noted in all the aspects of the individual. A higher level of vitality and a greater resistance to all diseases can be observed. A sense of general well being can be noted.

Health Insurance:

We do not accept any health insurance policy or process medical claims.

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